Avengers 4: Review Updates

We have already known that Avengers 4 is coming and Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige has given us few simple details revealing that they have just begun the process of editing the pictures. Even as this moment, Ant-Man and the Wasp are rolling in the big theaters, while fans are starting to anticipate the 2019 MCU’s Avengers 2019.

Avengers 4 is coming and check this 10 Things That Will SADLY Happen In Marvel’s Avengers 4

There’s is no final trailer of the movie yet so if your going to watch this review. these are they expected to happen in the next movie of Avengers

Another more surprises we will be seeing next year is the release of Captain Marvel, although if this character is the one to arrive first in theater, fans are still looking forward to the Avengers 4. After all, we are all shock by what we have seen in the Infinity War. And now fans are very keen to know about what will be the next thing about Thanos and The Avengers, The World, and The Universe. Furthermore, what are the other things to happen when Thanos snapped his fingers, aside from killing people in the Universe randomly?

Sadly, for fans who always follow Marvel movies, it will take for a while to know the specific details about the sad events done by Thanos. The Marvel team will not be presenting the popular Hall H at Sand Diego Comic-Con this year and perhaps don’t even mention those details which fans are longing for. Of course, while there are few reviews will be circulation online, there will be no trailer of the movie Avengers 4 promoted aside for Captain Marvel. For now, it is like hiatus. They are just silent right now and Marvel fans are very eager to learn more explanation what had happened after the end of Infinity War. Fortunately, Kevin Feige our advocate who won’t disappoint fans for their curiosity will give us great important explanation.

Feige has given us information like Movies, Birth, Death for Ant-Man and the Wasp and the upcoming movie Avengers 4 for 2019. However, the details were not accurately detailed so that fans will be more excited and will be surprised. Yes it is true that they are preparing for the editing and cuts of the movie back to back but for now, they are still filming Avengers 4 while Captain Marvel will arrive in March. We should be excited because we get to see Avengers 4 next year on May. It is really a big thing to surprise viewers and fans of the movie Infinity War just to keep them hanging until the movie will be back for the second time around and we will give us the answer of what is going on.

It is very timely for Avengers to comeback in a right season because it will be a great time for fans to just mind other things until few months before the continuation of Thanos death blow to the Universe. The director of the movie explained that they are not in a hurry, they have started a huge break about the movie and they want to make this movie an epic entry movie next year. While there will be more things to anticipate about the movie, we can always wait and we can have some speculation about Infinity War questions. Nonetheless, it is still very great to see the Avengers 4 in the huge screen. Considering that Avengers: Infinity War is really a huge fresh box office hit for the franchise, so without a doubt the Avengers 4 will have a high expectation from the viewers and they don’t want to disappoint the fans for it.

The very thing fans will always think in their minds, is Thanos would kill once more in the coming Avengers 4? Why did he just left insignificant people and other powerful people in the Universe? Did he really see the future with the use of Space stone, Time stone, and the Mind stone? We all know that the stone is Infinite but Thanos is not, we have plenty of questions but for now we need to wait for an answer.

By the way the game will be release next year and it really takes a year before we can watch the new avengers so why not just watch the new movie called ant man 2 which can also be found website

Also it is explained here the Avengers 4 Ending Explained by Kevin Feige

this is going to be so exciting to get ready for this big movie a year from now.

Boom Beach Towers That You Should Have First In Your Base

When it comes to Boom Beach offensive unit you select the effective one that can help you to destroy the enemy village. The most important unit is the Gunboat; this gunboat is very useful to your attack and a unit that can help the assaulting unit.

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Rocket launcher is one of the good unit and due to his heavy splash damage and also long range can able to destroy armies with low HP. When you upgrade this weapon the damage level will increase but the range is still the same.
Mortar is next to rocket launchers, this weapon should be put at the back of your base. Mortar is very useful and has a long range attack but the bad thing about mortar you have to wait 3 seconds per attack due to reloading processes.
Sniper Tower is very effective to human base unit, a long range tower that can kill a single troop in one hit. If you upgrade the sniper tower the damage and range will be boosted. Place the Sniper Tower close to your mortar they are good duo when it comes to long range.

Flame Thrower is short range but heavy in damage. This tower is every effective for troops and vehicle. The bad thing about flame thrower is he by having a short range; he is not good when the attacking unit is a long range type.
Shock launcher is good for matching up sniper tower; every attack of this tower is areal which mean once a group of unit is within the range splash radius will be affected in one attack. This tower must be place in front of your base.

Cannons are very common they may be simple from the start but when you upgrade this tower it is very effective from enemy troops to vehicle unit. Cannons are mid range but they are good in attack due to fast reload and fast cast rate.

Machine Guns the weapon that you should have in front of your base and also to your corner defense. This machine gun tower is very flexible they are effective in troops and vehicle units. They may not be good in damage but they are a good defensive tower because they can delay attacking unit.

Boom cannons are one great tower that is good to be place at the center of your base. A long range and heavy damage that can cripple attacking unit. The down side of this tower is very slow in reloading.

Google Play Is Worth It

Google play is principally good, given the reviews you can find on the top rated apps, books, movies, etc. When you need to have a refund for some apps, it would only take 15 minutes of grace time. When compared to the IOS marketing, Google play is much cheaper. Take note, IOS system always comes first for every new release of apps especially games. Looking at the appearance of Google apps and the themes, they’re always the same from the start. Isn’t it boring for a multi-billion dollar company to have that kind of look?

The bad thing about google play is that they don’t delete clone apps  that are similarly close. They don’t delete an app that is no longer updated, which causes lots of errors during installation. No shortcut for APK and only in google play can download apps, all is everything in their pocket.  When searching an app, it is necessary to be always precise and accurate.

Usage experience wise, some apps are not in good quality and instantly crash while in use. The big category section is really hard to navigate or even search for recent and updated apps. Most games are in big category, which has subcategories that in turn has lots of selections and options, or the ones that give you recommendation on which one to download.

When using googleplay you have to go through certain regulation and approval policy. Google play have lots of things you could get. Some are free to download and others are for sale. When compared to apple system, most apps in iOS are not for free and which means you have to buy and buy. The free apps are just limited. This proves quality over quantity — most people like to use iOS because of quality and security.

The security system of google play compared to IOS system is less assuring to users. Google play is affordable, handy, and user-friendly while iOS is a lot more expensive. If you are new to ios, it’s going to take a longer time to discover and get familiar with the usage.

Most people nowadays would go for android. They might be simple to look at, but using them is worth it, especially for daily entertainment.

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Scare Yourself From These Video Games

It’s that time of year again, and what better way to celebrate it than to play a scary game? And not just any old game, why not the scariest game of all time? To make it on this list senseless gore and jump scares aren’t enough to make the cut. The games on this list not only stand the test of time, they did something to influence the survival horror genre. This list is based on my personal opinions and experiences, and I suspect a lot of people won’t agree with me. So grab some of that Halloween candy and sit back, as I count down the top scariest games of all time.


Nameless Game Nanashi No Game

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When I was compiling the games for this list it never crossed my mind that a Nintendo DS game would ever be on it, much less ranked this high. Released only in Japan by Square Enix, The Nameless Game is a bit of an anomaly. Sure the story is a complete copy of The Ring, where instead of a haunted VHS tape, there’s a haunted video game that everyone seems to be downloading. Things start to go south when you end up downloading the game by accident. The gameplay is part first person adventure, part 2D throw back which pays homage to games from an earlier era. You actually hold the DS on its side during the first person sequences, and then you hold the DS regularly when you play the cursed game. Though the real scares lie in the fantastic sound design. Sounds of tortured souls mixed with warped music tracks really sell the atmosphere. One of the scariest parts for me personally is with the first enemy you encounter. There isn’t any formal introduction or tutorial, it just slowly materializes in the distance and before you know it, it’s right in front of you. If you were ever a fan of those scary stories involving creepy glitches in old games, definitely check this game out. With a little searching online, you can find an English fan translation of it.





Condemned: Criminal Origins

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It would be surprised. Simply put I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from an Xbox 360 launch title. But man, this game has some original scares. As crime scene investigator Ethan Thomas, it’s your job to solve murder mysteries and find out the reason behind the recent psychosis epidemic. Good thing you have a psychic gift that allows you to see into the killer’s mind. The story sets itself up for greatness, but unfortunately falls flat, with a really shitty ending. Oh, and don’t play the sequel, it sucks. But despite all of that, it’s the visceral combat and novel scares that sets this game apart. Combat is brutal, and ammo is so sparse there isn’t even a reload button in the game. No seriously, you can only check how many bullets you have left in your magazine, which is kind of a cool mechanic. And you know that whole creepy mannequin motif that’s been showing up in a lot of games? You know where you turn around and look back to find they’re a bit closer? It’s the same trick Slender basically based its entire game around. That all started with this game. If you’re in the mood for a psychological thriller in the same vein as Silence of Lambs or Se7en, definitely check this game out.





Clock Tower The First Fear

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Now here’s a game that was scaring the crap out of gamers back in 1995, which alone is a testament to how original it was for its time. You assume the role of Jennifer Simpson, an orphan that’s been adopted along with her friends, by the wealthy Barrow’s family. When you arrive at the mansion, you soon uncover something far more hideous at work. I remember being scared just by the concept of the game: a point and click adventure where you run and hide from an invincible serial killer. The introduction of scissor man — a guy who uses a giant pair of garden shears to mutilate his victims — was something that hadn’t been done before. As Jennifer, you have to solve the mystery behind your adoption as well as find a way to escape. You’ll quickly find the scariest parts of Clock Tower involve finding the aftermath of scissor man’s victims. Don’t let the age of this game fool you. I highly recommend emulating it as it still packs some scares even by today’s standards. For a 2D adventure horror game this one’s a masterpiece. And while there were some Playstation sequels, I still think this one is the best in the series.





Haunting Ground (Demento)

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Believe it or not, Capcom wasn’t always a shitty company that kept craping out the same fighting game re-releases and canceling fan favorites. In fact, there was a time when they were releasing truly great and surprisingly innovative survival horror games. Haunting Ground, also known as Demento outside the United States, is an example of such a time. Waking up after a near fatal car crash, Fiona finds herself trapped in a castle full of horrors. Like Clock Tower, you’ll find yourself running and hiding from danger rather than fighting. The closer the psychopaths get to you, the more scared Fiona becomes until she eventually goes crazy. The controls go haywire, and you’ll barely be able to lead her to safety. That is if you even can. Luckily you also have the help of a four legged companion who can maul the attackers on command. But if there’s one character that steals the show, it’s Daniella the homunculus who’s made to track you down. This game is not for the faint of heart. There are implications of rape, cannibalism and a ton of other nasty stuff. But I think what Haunting Ground does best is remind us what scares us the most isn’t always what we can see. One only needs to see the game over screen to know what I’m talking about.




Eternal Darkness:Sanity’s Requiem

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If serial killers don’t do it for you, maybe some of the eldritch horrors with a touch of Lovecraftian flair might. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is one of those games where talking about it doesn’t do it any justice, you have to experience it for yourself. At its core the story is about Alex Roivas, a young woman seeking the truth behind her grandfather’s bizarre and brutal murder. While investigating she stumbles upon the Tome of Eternal Darkness, a book that outlines the stories of those who had previously come in contact with it. The story spans over two thousand years, and you play as over twelve different characters. All of whom encountered the book in some way. Now whenever people talk about this game, they always mention the sanity effects. In addition to monitoring your character’s health and magic, you also have to take care of their sanity. When it drops low the game starts to play some freaky tricks on you. At first small stuff will start to happen like blood dripping down the ceiling. Then when you least expect it, your TV will turn off– This can’t be happening…Unfortunately people seem to limit their discussion to the sanity effects and forget what a brilliant game Eternal Darkness is.


There you have a few video games that will scare you and lets you jump out of your couch especially when you play the game alone in the night. For more video game experience in different genre view my sources.
















Pokemon Duel Is Quite Easy and Simple

Pokemon go was a blast was it? There has another pokemon game, pokemon duel. This one is a board game with a whole new contest. If you thought this board game had points well you are totally wrong. What does it have? The start of this game is not heavy at all. 48 mb is just like a bit of salmon sandwich but the annoying part is after the game launched. This in game downloading takes a lot of time and a lot of space.

Alright so given that aside let’s jump into the game. You’ve got home screen and a set of pokemon given to you by the phone. You have your tutorial thingy going on at the beginning. You’ve got a bunch of options at the bottom of the screen. You’ve got league besides you’ve got back in get you can arrange for an order of preference and every bit of customization regarding to your requirement. Then decided you’ve got the fusion option this was basically my favourite. You can select any Pokemon and fuse it and increase its power or whatever it’s called. You need some gold to do that definitely that will be by battling and duelling.



pokemon duel cheats

Then you’ve got the shop feature. The same shop as in every other game asking for your box to trade for few gems. I would never do that until I’m super addictive. You’ve got a bunch of other options too, and then the last option you’ve got is the menu option. Its main menu that has all the settings minutes and is even the thumbnail of that Settings icon as well. Now let’s learn some gold now. It’s all online game so you’ll get a human opponent here so that but it’s annoying at times when you can get one to duel with.


pokemon duel cheats

Take sounds of minutes and even throws for a while searching for an opponent. Not good style there. Well moving on to the game at first you find it weird but then once you get a hang of it you’ll slowly running your mind through it. The duel starts over the game deciding who is first. Later once you’re on the duel arena you’ll see two arrows, one would be your home ground the other your opponent. The rule is simple, you need to get to the opponents area before he gets to yours. For that you need to play a Pokemon step-by-step and there’s a high possibility you have a faceoff with one of your opponent’s pokemon and then you play a game to test how bad you’re luck is. There’s a real spin and you tap on it to stop and stop decides that you’ve lost the battle or not. As soon as you reach your opponent arena you win the battle. This game is very simple right? So is this game the next hot thing in the market or what does not live up to the mark? Well that will be decided by the number of downloads and the stars it gets in a few days. To enjoy the best entertainment from Pokemon Duel gather much gems and use it wisely or you can check out pokemon duel tips.


Does The Joker Need A Movie of His Own

Despite all of the lukewarm reviews for “Suicide Squad,” which still managed to break records with over $135 million grossed at the box office opening weekend, Jared Leto is still out here determined to make a film entirely centered around his Joker. Critics and fans alike were surprised to find that the Joker was more of a supporting character in the film, despite heavy promotion that led us to believe otherwise.


In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Leto revealed he was surprised too because he shot way more than what appeared in the movie. So much ended up on the cutting room floor in fact, that an entire Joker film could be made from the leftover footage.

According to Leto: Leto also openly took issue with the film’s PG-13 rating. Amid the numerous reviews bashing the film, so many in fact that there is a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes as a result, Leto feels none of the backlash really applies to him or his portrayal of the Joker. In an interview with NME he explained:”I’ve heard that there’s been a very…mixed response. It’s easy to hear that, but I haven’t seen the film and I’m in the film so little that that really has not very much to do with me…” Did you guys see the movie? Do you think Leto’s Joker deserves his own film?

joker suicide

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E3 Video Games Expo Very Unforgettable

E3 every time they released a video games this one of the best moment for the gamers, retailers, and media and many more. They welcome together the best of the latest video games and many thing will happen in the moment.

Minecraft for Hololens

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With each generation gaming gets more and more impressive. Somehow this time around that leap in technology comes from one of gaming’s least technical games minecraft. The Hololen is a Microsoft product that revolves around holographic imaging and when it was first announced gaming may not have been on everybody’s mind but Microsoft’s e3 press conference came with a fantastic surprise. Minecraft will be utilizing the Hololens for an entirely new experience with the game. Be at the Hololens, gamers will be able to see our 3d representation of their blocky-world and through voice in motion commands manipulated. While it may be one of the biggest gimmick announcements in a while we can’t help but being odd of how far gaming tech has come.


Star Wars Battlefront 3 Hoth Battle

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Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan you can help me get sucked into the battlefront series. The fast-paced action fun weaponry and stunning space battles were impossible not to fall in love with. So when dice provided us with a look at the third entries explosive gameplay, a subtle excitement overtook us. In the five minute gameplay video were transported back to the ice plant in a pot for a look at the beautiful warfare between rebels and the Empire tight fighters X wayne’s orbital strikes lightsabers and great views of the Star Wars score have made as unexpectedly anticipating battlefront 3.

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

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When Microsoft first revealed the Xbox One, it went through a myriad of back and forth as to whether or not it would include backwards compatibility with the 360. The system announcement was comical but Microsoft came back this E3 for some rectification. The announcement that the x-box one would be backwards compatible for select 360 titles was refreshing to hear especially when the selection of new games has either been lackluster or fairly barren. And though the initial list of compatible titles is pretty gram, the promise is there and sometimes that’s the first step towards something great.
The Last Guardian is Finally Here

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Over the past six years there’s been a massive speculation as to whether or not team Ico’s last Guardian with ever see the light of day. the first announcement for the title came at the 2009 E3 Expo when the game was still a PlayStation 3 exclusive. A demo was even plan for the Ico in Shadow of the Colossus collection that released for the ps3 but as guardian slipped into development hell. This idea was scrapped and the game almost followed suit. It’s back though in a glorious beautiful form that remains true the team Ico’s beautiful artistic design. Of course as many thought the project was dead, the crowded E3 went into an uproar.


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PC Games That Were Popular During Their Time

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

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This is a game of exploration and discovery. You play as Paul Prospero, a detective on a quest to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the young boy Ethan Carter. This is not your usual game with shootings and explosions. Rather, it focuses on unraveling the plot and developing the characters. It’s story is enchanting and mysterious and its open-world environments are beautiful.




Starpoint Gemini 2

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This is a space sandbox game with elements of role-playing. Captain your own spacecraft and explore the depths of space! It’s set in a vast open universe ripe for exploration. The ambiance and sound effects are magnificent And, most important of all, the spaceships are imposing and look really cool! Specially during space battles! Space sim fans, this is a must-play!




Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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This is an impressive action game, with similarities to the Arkham and Assassin’s Creed series. Graphics look good and combat is fluid. But it’s the dynamic nemesis system that makes this game impressive. Enemies that kill you: become more powerful earn new skills wear the scars that you gave them and even recognize you!
Endless Legend

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At first glance, it looks like Civilization. But it’s more than that. Endless Legend is a turn-based strategy game set in a rich, complex, fantasy world. Your goal is to dominate the world of Auriga, through war or diplomacy! Landscape, units and animations are gorgeous It has one of the best soundtracks in any game Compelling story and narrative quests It’s a one-of-a-kind strategy game.




Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

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This is an exciting adventure and puzzle game. Examine crime scenes, find clues, link them all together and tag that criminal! Just what I expected a Sherlock Holmes game should be: Detailed visuals, neat and atmospheric Script and voice acting are top-notch. Challenging puzzles And it’s episodic form greatly reminds you of the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories. This is the best Sherlock Holmes game so far.

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Reason Why I Don’t Like Fable 3

Games can be frustrating and challenges usually a good thing we might get stuck in a puzzle for longer than we’d like or have an enemy encounters set us back farther than expected and it’s acceptable but some games are very annoying. Sometimes we run into a brick wall completely holding our progress or get screwed so royally that there’s no point in continuing.  It doesn’t happen often we couldn’t think of more than two or three moments in our lifetimes but almost everyone had a sad story to tell.


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Fable 3, the third Fable game trilogy  started going off making games that weren’t faithful and the whole thing about working and that was a huge fight was gonna be coming at the end of the game that there was no way to win this fight and your brother was a big ass and you had to do with your brother and he was being really cruel to people but you find out that is actually being cruel to people because he needs to raise money she’s got really tax people and do these awful things because he’s got a raise money because you’ve got to build an army because these this darkness is coming to BC destroy the kingdom so there’s this dichotomy in the story fable 3 where that you need money or you need to be nice to people and there’s no way to do both but there is actually because in Fable.


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Ever since the first fable there are mini games and real estate and you know selling loath there’s all sorts of ways to just make a ridiculous amount of money so when I went into Fable 3 and they said you know you’re not gonna have enough money to support the army so you really have to decide whether you want to screw people over to save the kingdom or whether you wanna be nice to people and then we’ll all have to fight this almost unwinnable fight at the end of the game.

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And I thought immediately from recognizing that if people 30 have the best of both worlds gonna save up enough money at all because I’m gonna be completely patient and take my time playing the game and just have a ton of money and then finish the story and have the best of both worlds.


Well the story progression via the calendar in Fable three is extremely ambiguous so when you when you finish the story segment the story leaps forward a completely random intervals of time so it might be like if I jump a year or am I jumped two months or by jump a week you don’t know and it’s like interchanges those you know periods of time throughout the game and so I think it was something like three months away from when the attack was gonna happen that I was stopped at the story and I figured ok I’m going to do one more chapter in the story move ahead and then it’ll probably be like three days before the attack and it jumped from three months or something equivalent that amount of time to the war and even though I had the  money in front of me.

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I was actually physically at that moment standing in front of all the riches that I had built up I couldn’t spend any of it on the on the army because it was actually time to fight the army’s here you know even though you’re king not gonna give you any prep on the army on this giant massive darkness monsters showing up we gotta go deal with this fight now sorry you didn’t save enough money we told you was gonna be difficult but you didn’t you just set an arbitrary jump in time that prevented me from actually having the best of both worlds and you know building up all the money that I spent a really long time building up because you just automatically over saved my save.




The Newest Batteries with Brains for Electric Cars

We all know that an electric car won’t work without a battery, since battery is the heart of it. Currently, these have been a huge blocks through which individual battery cells and essential technology have been placed.


Generally, each cell should be able to save an exact amount of energy tentatively. This is partly different due to production reasons and their capacities as well vary. This might be pretty hard since all battery cells are connected in series. Therefore the entire battery is only as tough as its weakest cell. When the cell happens to be empty, the rest of the battery’s cell energy will no longer work, so in that case, you have to recharge your car again.



Another deficiency is that, whenever a cell is inefficient, the vehicle will stop working. So it means that the whole energy storage device must be replaced. For this reason, manufacturers are installing cells of same capacity into a battery since various cells are sorted out due to this process, and at the same time pushes up the price of the batteries.


Furthermore, the Fraunhofer research team is now creating a better alternative which they called the “modular battery system”. Every battery cell has its very own microcontroller built-in which records any related physical parameter including the state of charge and the temperature of the battery cell. As an outcome, each cell will be able to know its condition. In addition to that, the battery cells will communicate to each other with the existing power wiring amongst battery cells. This method is known as a power line communication. The cells are also capable of communicating with some other devices like, on board computer that utilizes the information from the cells to evaluate how much energy remains in the entire battery has, the so-called state of charge.