Reason Why I Don’t Like Fable 3

Games can be frustrating and challenges usually a good thing we might get stuck in a puzzle for longer than we’d like or have an enemy encounters set us back farther than expected and it’s acceptable but some games are very annoying. Sometimes we run into a brick wall completely holding our progress or get screwed so royally that there’s no point in continuing.  It doesn’t happen often we couldn’t think of more than two or three moments in our lifetimes but almost everyone had a sad story to tell.


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Fable 3, the third Fable game trilogy  started going off making games that weren’t faithful and the whole thing about working and that was a huge fight was gonna be coming at the end of the game that there was no way to win this fight and your brother was a big ass and you had to do with your brother and he was being really cruel to people but you find out that is actually being cruel to people because he needs to raise money she’s got really tax people and do these awful things because he’s got a raise money because you’ve got to build an army because these this darkness is coming to BC destroy the kingdom so there’s this dichotomy in the story fable 3 where that you need money or you need to be nice to people and there’s no way to do both but there is actually because in Fable.


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Ever since the first fable there are mini games and real estate and you know selling loath there’s all sorts of ways to just make a ridiculous amount of money so when I went into Fable 3 and they said you know you’re not gonna have enough money to support the army so you really have to decide whether you want to screw people over to save the kingdom or whether you wanna be nice to people and then we’ll all have to fight this almost unwinnable fight at the end of the game.

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And I thought immediately from recognizing that if people 30 have the best of both worlds gonna save up enough money at all because I’m gonna be completely patient and take my time playing the game and just have a ton of money and then finish the story and have the best of both worlds.


Well the story progression via the calendar in Fable three is extremely ambiguous so when you when you finish the story segment the story leaps forward a completely random intervals of time so it might be like if I jump a year or am I jumped two months or by jump a week you don’t know and it’s like interchanges those you know periods of time throughout the game and so I think it was something like three months away from when the attack was gonna happen that I was stopped at the story and I figured ok I’m going to do one more chapter in the story move ahead and then it’ll probably be like three days before the attack and it jumped from three months or something equivalent that amount of time to the war and even though I had the  money in front of me.

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I was actually physically at that moment standing in front of all the riches that I had built up I couldn’t spend any of it on the on the army because it was actually time to fight the army’s here you know even though you’re king not gonna give you any prep on the army on this giant massive darkness monsters showing up we gotta go deal with this fight now sorry you didn’t save enough money we told you was gonna be difficult but you didn’t you just set an arbitrary jump in time that prevented me from actually having the best of both worlds and you know building up all the money that I spent a really long time building up because you just automatically over saved my save.




The Newest Batteries with Brains for Electric Cars

We all know that an electric car won’t work without a battery, since battery is the heart of it. Currently, these have been a huge blocks through which individual battery cells and essential technology have been placed.


Generally, each cell should be able to save an exact amount of energy tentatively. This is partly different due to production reasons and their capacities as well vary. This might be pretty hard since all battery cells are connected in series. Therefore the entire battery is only as tough as its weakest cell. When the cell happens to be empty, the rest of the battery’s cell energy will no longer work, so in that case, you have to recharge your car again.



Another deficiency is that, whenever a cell is inefficient, the vehicle will stop working. So it means that the whole energy storage device must be replaced. For this reason, manufacturers are installing cells of same capacity into a battery since various cells are sorted out due to this process, and at the same time pushes up the price of the batteries.


Furthermore, the Fraunhofer research team is now creating a better alternative which they called the “modular battery system”. Every battery cell has its very own microcontroller built-in which records any related physical parameter including the state of charge and the temperature of the battery cell. As an outcome, each cell will be able to know its condition. In addition to that, the battery cells will communicate to each other with the existing power wiring amongst battery cells. This method is known as a power line communication. The cells are also capable of communicating with some other devices like, on board computer that utilizes the information from the cells to evaluate how much energy remains in the entire battery has, the so-called state of charge.

E-waste Problems In the Next Few Decades

Eliminating and reusable materials process for old devices and other technology waste must be blended for this fast escalating issue to be dealt with successfully all over national areas. A research of the present rules and regulations is revealed in the current issue of the International Journal of Environmental Engineering.

electronic waste

Experts of waste management at Griffith University, Queensland, reveal that various policies are being created all over the world to deal with e-waste. E-waste could result to new issues as the waste stream escalate as any immoral companies with recycling and dumping of electronic products over consumptions flaws in a specific region or any part of the world.

There are Waste Management Unions And Party revealed that few nations like Korea, Japan, and US states have embraced similar procedure. The UN through the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal embraced the Nairobi declaration on e-wastes in 2006, however there are few countless problems to be dealt with.


Used electronic equipment which include, cell phones, computers, and TVs has turn out to be the quickest escalating waste streams all over the world. There is also proof that growing nations are escalating reluctant to embrace electronic devices that are thought outdated in the West. This is not shocking provided that complex mix of usual toxic materials from which modern electronic devices are created and the fast descent into total out of date for most devices.

Fifty millions tones of e-waste are produced all over the world every year bringing with it huge risks to human wellness and the environment. It is expected that a huge amount of computers could be deemed phase out every decade from now on and that volume may escalate as technology improves and more equipment are being produced. The unlike rules that are being applied on a state, federal, national basis relating to the management of e-waste will, to some extent, help to deal the issue all over the world.