E3 Video Games Expo Very Unforgettable

E3 every time they released a video games this one of the best moment for the gamers, retailers, and media and many more. They welcome together the best of the latest video games and many thing will happen in the moment.

Minecraft for Hololens

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With each generation gaming gets more and more impressive. Somehow this time around that leap in technology comes from one of gaming’s least technical games minecraft. The Hololen is a Microsoft product that revolves around holographic imaging and when it was first announced gaming may not have been on everybody’s mind but Microsoft’s e3 press conference came with a fantastic surprise. Minecraft will be utilizing the Hololens for an entirely new experience with the game. Be at the Hololens, gamers will be able to see our 3d representation of their blocky-world and through voice in motion commands manipulated. While it may be one of the biggest gimmick announcements in a while we can’t help but being odd of how far gaming tech has come.


Star Wars Battlefront 3 Hoth Battle

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Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan you can help me get sucked into the battlefront series. The fast-paced action fun weaponry and stunning space battles were impossible not to fall in love with. So when dice provided us with a look at the third entries explosive gameplay, a subtle excitement overtook us. In the five minute gameplay video were transported back to the ice plant in a pot for a look at the beautiful warfare between rebels and the Empire tight fighters X wayne’s orbital strikes lightsabers and great views of the Star Wars score have made as unexpectedly anticipating battlefront 3.

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

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When Microsoft first revealed the Xbox One, it went through a myriad of back and forth as to whether or not it would include backwards compatibility with the 360. The system announcement was comical but Microsoft came back this E3 for some rectification. The announcement that the x-box one would be backwards compatible for select 360 titles was refreshing to hear especially when the selection of new games has either been lackluster or fairly barren. And though the initial list of compatible titles is pretty gram, the promise is there and sometimes that’s the first step towards something great.
The Last Guardian is Finally Here

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Over the past six years there’s been a massive speculation as to whether or not team Ico’s last Guardian with ever see the light of day. the first announcement for the title came at the 2009 E3 Expo when the game was still a PlayStation 3 exclusive. A demo was even plan for the Ico in Shadow of the Colossus collection that released for the ps3 but as guardian slipped into development hell. This idea was scrapped and the game almost followed suit. It’s back though in a glorious beautiful form that remains true the team Ico’s beautiful artistic design. Of course as many thought the project was dead, the crowded E3 went into an uproar.


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