Google Play Is Worth It

Google play is principally good, given the reviews you can find on the top rated apps, books, movies, etc. When you need to have a refund for some apps, it would only take 15 minutes of grace time. When compared to the IOS marketing, Google play is much cheaper. Take note, IOS system always comes first for every new release of apps especially games. Looking at the appearance of Google apps and the themes, they’re always the same from the start. Isn’t it boring for a multi-billion dollar company to have that kind of look?

The bad thing about google play is that they don’t delete clone apps  that are similarly close. They don’t delete an app that is no longer updated, which causes lots of errors during installation. No shortcut for APK and only in google play can download apps, all is everything in their pocket.  When searching an app, it is necessary to be always precise and accurate.

Usage experience wise, some apps are not in good quality and instantly crash while in use. The big category section is really hard to navigate or even search for recent and updated apps. Most games are in big category, which has subcategories that in turn has lots of selections and options, or the ones that give you recommendation on which one to download.

When using googleplay you have to go through certain regulation and approval policy. Google play have lots of things you could get. Some are free to download and others are for sale. When compared to apple system, most apps in iOS are not for free and which means you have to buy and buy. The free apps are just limited. This proves quality over quantity — most people like to use iOS because of quality and security.

The security system of google play compared to IOS system is less assuring to users. Google play is affordable, handy, and user-friendly while iOS is a lot more expensive. If you are new to ios, it’s going to take a longer time to discover and get familiar with the usage.

Most people nowadays would go for android. They might be simple to look at, but using them is worth it, especially for daily entertainment.

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