Pokemon Duel Is Quite Easy and Simple

Pokemon go was a blast was it? There has another pokemon game, pokemon duel. This one is a board game with a whole new contest. If you thought this board game had points well you are totally wrong. What does it have? The start of this game is not heavy at all. 48 mb is just like a bit of salmon sandwich but the annoying part is after the game launched. This in game downloading takes a lot of time and a lot of space.

Alright so given that aside let’s jump into the game. You’ve got home screen and a set of pokemon given to you by the phone. You have your tutorial thingy going on at the beginning. You’ve got a bunch of options at the bottom of the screen. You’ve got league besides you’ve got back in get you can arrange for an order of preference and every bit of customization regarding to your requirement. Then decided you’ve got the fusion option this was basically my favourite. You can select any Pokemon and fuse it and increase its power or whatever it’s called. You need some gold to do that definitely that will be by battling and duelling.



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Then you’ve got the shop feature. The same shop as in every other game asking for your box to trade for few gems. I would never do that until I’m super addictive. You’ve got a bunch of other options too, and then the last option you’ve got is the menu option. Its main menu that has all the settings minutes and is even the thumbnail of that Settings icon as well. Now let’s learn some gold now. It’s all online game so you’ll get a human opponent here so that but it’s annoying at times when you can get one to duel with.


pokemon duel cheats

Take sounds of minutes and even throws for a while searching for an opponent. Not good style there. Well moving on to the game at first you find it weird but then once you get a hang of it you’ll slowly running your mind through it. The duel starts over the game deciding who is first. Later once you’re on the duel arena you’ll see two arrows, one would be your home ground the other your opponent. The rule is simple, you need to get to the opponents area before he gets to yours. For that you need to play a Pokemon step-by-step and there’s a high possibility you have a faceoff with one of your opponent’s pokemon and then you play a game to test how bad you’re luck is. There’s a real spin and you tap on it to stop and stop decides that you’ve lost the battle or not. As soon as you reach your opponent arena you win the battle. This game is very simple right? So is this game the next hot thing in the market or what does not live up to the mark? Well that will be decided by the number of downloads and the stars it gets in a few days. To enjoy the best entertainment from Pokemon Duel gather much gems and use it wisely or you can check out pokemon duel tips.


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